7 Reasons Why You’ll Fail As A Real Estate Marketer In 2015

In the world as a real estate marketer, it is an ever evolving and changing place. One thing that will remain constant with you however, is your fate as a real estate marketer. And if you continue to go down the same path as you have been adopting in 2014 and before, then you are doomed to failure.As Jim Rohn said”In order for things to change; you’ve got to change.”Here’s how I know you will fail in 2015.1. You Depend On Google For TrafficGoogle has been updating his algorithms since it’s Panda update in 2010. It therefore makes search engines one of the least reliable ways to get traffic.Blogs that have been written with heavy keyword articles were hit bad in the latest update in 2014. Once considered to be great SEO, this turned to ^#@* for many bloggers last year.But in spite of this you will continue to hunt down traffic on search engines as your one and only source. The SEO experts will continue to flog their wares to the na├»ve and you’ll tumble back in, parting with your hard earned cash. Real estate agents work too hard for their commission; but alas most won’t heed this advice.2. You Have No Connection With Your ReadersIn this new era of marketing, building a community of loyal readers and subscribers is paramount. It is this audience that you build trust and they in return consider you to be an expert.Online real estate marketing has evolved. You can no longer put up little, weak baseless articles full of affiliate links and think you are going to make money. You need to build relationships and establish yourself as an authority in real estate.This requires work (ooops sorry I swore). You need to be consistent and publish good quality, value articles regularly. It takes times but it’s the only way to make online sales in 2015.Sound too hard. Well continue posting affiliate links on Facebook etc and see how that plan works out in 2015, Sunshine.3. Your Continue To Ignore Your Mailing ListYou do have a mailing list; right? Good.So in 2014 you posted a few articles to your real estate site or blog. You seemed to get OK traffic but very few signups to your newsletter or free giveaway. Assuming these offerings didn’t 100% stink, what is your problem.You have not made an effort in helping your readers become subscribers by putting your opt-in box in easy to find prominent positions on your blog.The money is in the list. Do everything you can to attract more subscribers.4. You’re In It For A Quick BuckThere are 2 types of real estate agents. Those who treat the industry as a business and those who think they can jump in, make a quick buck and leave. It’s the same for online real estate marketers.Unfortunately you are in the second group.You don’t have a long term plan. Your blog is just a few pages and a splattering of articles.There is no plan and your readers can smell it. And they won’t trust you.5. You Don’t Think Like A Real Estate MarketerMarketers connect with their audience by listening to their problems and offering valuable solutions.Your marketing strategy needs to be based on solving problems and building trust.But for you it’s all about making money and not resolving your customer’s issues. Fail! 6. You Think This Online Income Thing Doesn’t Require Hard WorkThe old myth of posting a few links and waiting for the cash to flow in has never really occurred and if it did to some degree; it’s now way gone.To many big marketers put an end to that myth by working excessively hard on their craft.But you don’t believe it. You still think the old myth applies. It won’t work and your bank balance will prove it come December 2015.7. You Don’t Believe In BrandingYou think your franchise name is your brand. Alas not true. You are not RE/Max, Ray White, Prudential or any name you work under.Branding is about you. It takes effort. It takes time. You have to be seen as the expert in your field and for people to trust you.But since you don’t believe it you operate an inferior blog. Your posts are sparse. They offer little value. Your Twitter and Facebook accounts are al over the shop showing a mixture of happy snaps of you drunk at the races or you bore people to death with your constant bombardment of listings. You fail to have a LinkedIn profile and YouTube is only good for watching goofy pranksters.In short your brand image is not credible.If you have ignored all the points above, then it’s time to make some changes in 2015. It’s time for you to set up, create better content and treat blogging like a business.Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past otherwise 2015 will be like the other years

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